Date: Friday, September 22, 2017 & Saturday September 23, 2017
Location: San Jacinto County Fairgrounds, Coldspring, TX

Directors: Brian Wick 713-725-8519 OR William Baker

Committee: Lane Harrison, Bill Clark


Rules & Information

1) Each team shall be allocated a space as needed. No space larger than 20 ft wide by 30 ft in length will be allocated. Props, trailers, tents, coverings, pits or any other part of a team’s equipment must not exceed the boundaries of the assigned space.


2) The cook-sites will be available beginning Thursday Sept 21st  after 3pm and Friday Sept 22nd  starting at 8am. Security will be patrolling the area throughout the weekend. The cook-off will be held regardless of weather. Cook-sites will be judged on Friday night.


3) All entries are subject to inspection by the committee. You may be asked to eat some of your own entry prior to its turn in.


4) Each team will not cook brisket for the purpose of selling to the public.


5) A Head Cook meeting will be held Friday, Sept 22nd at 8:00pm in the Directors Room at the fairgrounds. A schedule with the events will be supplied that night. Each team shall be responsible for turning in their entry, on time and at the designated area.


6) Four (4) team members may be included in the judging panel. If so a drawing will be held at the Friday Night Head Cook Meeting for this selection.


7) It is suggested that each time you turn in an entry, that you write on the back of your ticket that food item you entered. At the awards presentation, it will help you to keep track of which ticket corresponds with which entry.


8) No markings of any kind will be allowed on any entry containers. Any attempt to mark a container will result in disqualification from the competition. Damaged or accidentally marked containers should be exchanged prior to that events turn in time. No exchanges will be made at the time of turn in.


9) The containers may be the same size and type. It will make no difference which container you use as the taped/sealed ticket, which remains with the container will determine your placement.


10) All meat to be inspected before Cook’s meeting. Pre-cooked, seasoned, or marinated meat is not allowed. Sauce of any other type is strictly prohibited on judged meat at the time of turn in. No toothpicks or wire in meat. There can be nothing but meat in the turn-in trays. Natural juices are permitted with the meat.


11) The San Jacinto County Fair Assoc. will not be responsible for losses or injury resulting from theft, damage, or accidents.


12) All judging will be on: Appearance, Aroma, Taste, and Tenderness.


13) All trucks/cars must be out of BBQ cook-off area by 8pm Friday and may return Saturday after awards ceremony.



We appreciate you taking the time to be with us this weekend. With your help, cooperating and assistance, we know that everyone involved will have a great time!

Brian Wick 713-725-8519 OR Roy Pippin 936-760-5371

Good luck to each and every one and may the best cook win!


Click HERE to download additional rules, information, and the ENTRY FORM