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Ag Mechanics

DIRECTORS: David Taylor and Kevin Payne

COMMITTEE: Steve Cronin, Beldon Rudloff, Tommy Hues, Crockett Currie


  1. The division is subject to the general rules of the San Jacinto County Fair.

  2. Ag Mechanics projects must be entered under individual(s) name(s).

  3. The show superintendent will determine the division that projects will be entered.

  4. Ag Mechanics projects must be in place by Thursday of the Fair.

  5. Projects will be classified into four divisions.

    • Large Metal      Division 1

    • Small Metal      Division 2              

    • Large Wood      Division 3

    • Small Wood      Division 4        

  6. The following system will be used in judging:

    • Workmanship                                    30 pts

    • Design & Materials Used                 25 pts

    • Practicality                                        20 pts

    • Degree of Difficulty                          15 pts

    • Finish                                                10 pts

  7. Projects receiving the following points will receive the following ribbons.

    • 90-100 points                    Blue Ribbon

    • 80-89 points                      Red Ribbon

    • 70-79 points                      White Ribbon

  8.  There will be a Grand and Reserve Champion of show. Only the projects receiving a blue ribbon are eligible. The club or chapter with the largest number of points will receive the Sweepstakes Prize.

  9. Any loss or damage to projects will not be the liability of the Fair Association.

  10. Projects may have a 'For Sale' sign on them.


Premiums for Ag Mechanics Divisions

Sweepstakes                Any Prize Donated

Grand Champion         Any Prize Donated

Reserve Champion      Any Prize Donated

Div. 1 Champion         Any Prize Donated

Div. 2 Champion         Any Prize Donated

Div. 3 Champion         Any Prize Donated

Div. 4 Champion         Any Prize Donated

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