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FFA Battle of the County Steer Saddling

Get ready to cheer on your teams- Coldspring vs. Shepherd

  1. Must be an academically eligible FFA member in good standing.

  2. Must have completed the Hold Harmless Agreement.

  3. A team will consist of 3 members.

  4. Teams must provide their own ropes and saddles for the contest.

  5. Western attire consisting of jeans, boots, and collard long sleeve shirts are required.  Gloves are highly recommended.

  6. SJC Fair will provide protective vests and helmets to the team members.

  7. Steer saddling competition will be held each night of the CPRA rodeo.

  8. There will be 8 team slots per night, 4 from Coldspring and 4 from Shepherd on Thursday and Friday nights of the rodeo.

  9. Saturday night there will be a total of 10 team slots, 5 each from Coldspring and Shepherd.

  10. Time starts when the steer leaves the plane of the chute. Time will stop and a qualified ride will be made when a saddled and mounted steer crosses the line in the middle of the arena.

  11. Buckles will be awarded to the team with the fastest time out of all three performances.

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