SJC Youth Auction

Director: Ernest Bailes

Assistant Director: Doug Lilley

Committee: Susan Bailes, Tiffany Goodman, Tracy McAnally, Kari Rhodes, and Monica Shrader

Whether you are purchasing an animal, a project from the educational barn, or adding on to one or several exhibitor projects, your commitment to helping the youth of San Jacinto County does not go unnoticed.  Purchasing or adding on to an exhibitor's project invests in that child's future and gives them the means to continue to pursue their passion.  Thank you for supporting our youth.

100 Club

The 100 Club is a great way to invest in the youth of our community. Just a few of the many considerations that lead so many people to invest in the 100 Club:

  • A chance to give back to the SJC Fair that supported their projects when they were exhibitors.

  • An “In Memory Of” tribute to honor someone who was involved in or volunteered at the SJC Fair.

  • A way to support an exhibitor, or many exhibitors, without buying or in addition to buying a project.

  • As a business, it is a great investment in the community (SJC Fair is a 401C3/Tax Deductible)

  • As a parent, grandparent, relative, friend, etc… they support the efforts of the SJC Fair.

  • and, so many other great reasons. What’s Your Reason?


Through your generous support of the SJC 100 Club, no child falls through the cracks.  A fair floor price is set for animal sale projects and the Sales Committee sees that each child meets that minimum.


Want to support exhibitors without purchasing a project?  Consider adding on to a project. Add-ons can be made in any amount.  Add-ons will be accepted before, during, and up to 7 days AFTER the sale by emailing or filling out the add-on form and turning in during the sale or mailing to the address below. ***You may also use the sale order sheet to indicate your add-ons and turn in to the sale table at sale.***

Please mail form and payment to:

SJC Youth Auction

1020 Bailes Dairy Road

Shepherd, TX 77371

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