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DIRECTOR:  Doug Lilley • 713.594.7074

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Tommy Hues • 281-761-9117


Camper Trailer Regulations

  1. ALL NEW CAMPER SPOTS will be assigned by trailer committee.

  2. Trailer parking is $200.00 for the week of fair.

  3. No other trailers in camping area except trailers with living quarters.

  4. No parking allowed between trailers and barns.

  5. Trailers parked the previous year have first choice of same spot.

  6. Move-in times will be scheduled per the chairperson.  You will be contacted by Doug Lilley with your designated move-in time.  If you miss that time you will then be moved to the next available time and you will lose your assigned spot.

  7. Campers will only be allowed to be moved onto the fairgrounds between the following hours:

            Thursday, September 21, 2023  between - 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

            Friday, September 22, 2023 between 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm

            No campers will be allowed to move in after this time


*All campers must be prepaid by September 1, 2023 to reserve your spot. After that, it's on a first come first serve basis.


*There will be a move in schedule set by Doug Lilley. If you do not make your scheduled time, other campers will move ahead of you and you will be put at next available space. No exceptions. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.


*A form will be sent out to all campers from last year. Complete and return this form by September 1, 2023 with payment. After this date and receipt of payment, the schedule will be set and campers will be contacted as to when your move-in time will be.

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